Asociación de Gestores Culturales de la Región de Murcia or GERM (Association for Cultural Managers of the Region of Murcia) is a not-for-profit organization established in March 2010. GERM aims to:

  • Encourage the debate and consideration over general interest issues within the field of cultural politics and cultural management.
  • Strengthen the consolidation of the cultural manager as a professional profile.
  • Favour the exchange of information, ideas and experiences, as well as the training among the managers belonging to the Association.
  • Work as a voice of communication and dialogue for the bodies of training in Cultural Management, as well as for any public or private institution when necessary, in order to improve the programme, development and assessment with regard to cultural activity.
  • Link it course of action with other similar initiatives carried out in the rest of the State, Europe or at a global scale.
  • Establish frames of dialogue with public authorities as regards planning and development of cultural performances.

In order to achieve the goals aforementioned, GERM has foreseen to carry out as many activities as necessary to professionally recognise cultural managers from the Region of Murcia and to develop its cultural work.

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